Information Security is a business issue not just an Information technology issue. At Clear Infosec, we create value for our clients by identifying, evaluating, designing or remediating processes, controls and technology to help mitigate risks. We believe that secure business processes will allow organizations to create more value and gain the trust of stakeholders.

Nowadays living without access to the information at any time, any place through countless types of devices has become unimaginable. Thanks to the rapidly evolving technology! Yet, lately we hear less about innovations regarding stored, used, processed information electronically and transmitted than we hear about unauthorized access, cyber-attacks, hacking, violation of privacy etc. This phenomenon is not at the level of individual cases, companies or businesses anymore, these raising concerns and issues are causing problems and becoming relevant even on a state level; that of government, and international institutions. Every organization has its own set of challenges, from policies, regulations to highly evolving cyber-attacks. Regardless of the company specification, size and domain every organization has its own set of information technology risks associated with them and demands an expertise review and advise on managing information security services.

The most heard concepts are hacking, viruses, rootkits, APT’s, worms, Ransomwares, Trojans, spoofing, sniffing, denial of services, spay, malware, mobile malware, crypto virology etc. Their damage can be dreadful, by taking advantage of security gaps, attackers can gain access to a computer system or the network without leaving any artifacts for the owners to understand, making the computer system not working properly, changing source/destination of IP address packet to show that it originates from a legitimate source, but in fact it might be coming from the hacker, who have access to all packets passed through wires of wireless network, this way bringing down the targeted network and denying the service for legitimate users etc.

Protecting information or reassuring information security is not just a technology issue anymore. Organizations are focusing more on actions, plans, policies, awareness that individuals, companies take to protect their information. Every business is now showing great amount of interest towards security policies, security audits, VAPT testing, training and awareness programs. Even compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for information security and privacy has become a critical factor to address information security needs.

Clear Infosec understands the importance of information and how best to protect it. We support organizations by analyzing the security posture and constantly thriving to improve it and secure their businesses in the best possible way.