Clear GRC

Clear GRC is a customized platform which encompasses activities such as corporate governance, risk management and compliance conforming to stated requirements.

To maintain controls derived from citations in documents like laws, standards, regulations, contracts and compliance documents-policies, standards, guidelines and procedures is daunting and time-consuming. To assist you, Clear GRC is a customized software enabling compliance for your organization following industry or government standards such as FFIEC, NYCRR 500, ISO 2700X and other standards tailoring needs for your organization. The software undergoes constant updates with ongoing changes in the regulations.

Clear GRC compliments the stabilization of business processes, by enabling organizations to integrate and coordinate risk and compliance initiatives with business processes, providing a holistic view of the organization’s risk and compliance postures. It helps in Optimizing by taking information from multiple sources and providing a single source of intelligence and reporting. It enhances manual preventive controls with the help of automated detective controls, which increases efficiency and tracebility. Increased Visibility and transparency by allowing the ability to view a complete picture of the organization and processes, providing owners with access and control over necessary content to understand business unit profile and applicable risks and challenges. It provides an improved alignment of objectives with mission, vision and value of the organization, resulting in better decision-making agility and confidence.

The powerful dashboards further enhance the risk visibility and your organization’s preparedness for compliance enhancing security. These dashboards also enable management to make informed decisions on how to allocate resources and mitigate risks effectively. Tracking ongoing activities in Compliance is very essential so the tool tracks every task performed towards compliance. To know more on how the tool exceeds your expectations on the ease of compliance management, please feel free to Contact Us.