Streamline, Harmonize and Propagate Cybersecurity and Cyber Hygiene Throughout your Organization


Chief Information Security Officer as a service is a way, organizations mid and small size would be able to achieve cyber resiliency and excellence. Cyber excellence can be achieved only through strategically planning and managing your organizational resources. Since organizations started relying heavily on Information Technology for their information needs, those information assets must be secured as they hold mission critical information like trade secrets, financial and proprietary information.

Historically organizations depended on information technology department to secure their infrastructure. With an increase in cyber-crime globally from various threat sources like nation states, competitors and other cyber-criminals, organizations have realized that information security should be handled strategically. Some of the responsibilities of a CISO includes act as the organization’s representative of an organization’s security strategy; interacts with regulators, enforcement agencies; balances security needs based upon organization’s strategic plan; develops policies and procedures; plans and responses to breaches; oversee organizational assets and monitor to safeguard. This need for a dedicated resource cannot be fulfilled by all organizations due to the cost involved in hiring a CISO.

Are you one of the organizations who wants to only focus on the business objectives and does not have enough resources to secure information infrastructure? Then our virtual CISO is for you. Through our program you will be able to manage your security needs. We have certified and experienced personnel who could do much more than a CISO could do in an organization. Our service is uniquely created for your organization’s profile.